Look for Next Year 2017-2018 Clubs being offered " Recommendations are Welcome"

StrengthsQuest Club - Frontier's Eagle River and Anchorage Office

 Join us to determine a rewarding career path based on one's unique strengths.  This club is based on "StrengthsQuest:  Discover and Develop Your Strenghts in  Academics, Career, and Beyond" 2nd ed. and utilizes the Alaska Career Information System (AKCIS).  For more information, please contact the Frontier Charter School.


Science Club - Frontier's Anchorage and Eagle River Office

Each session utilizes kits based on the popular Magic School bus books and TV series.  Your young scientists will engage in a wide range of fun and educational topics including the human body, magnetic forces and  polymers (slime, goop and gels).  Parent Support is appreciated.

This will be an opportunity to engage students with hands on science.  

 Biology Lab - Frontier's Eagle River and Anchorage Office

 This course is comprised of a variety of labs to develop understanding of the world  of plants, insects, water life, and mammals through the dissection of a plant, worm, grasshopper, crayfish, frog, squid, a dog shark, and a large mammal heart (sheep or cow).  This course is completely hands-on.  Each student will have a dissection kit for use during the one-hour lab.

WeDo Robotics Club - Frontier's Eagle River and Anchorage Office

The LEGO "WeDo" is a robotics hardware and software platform specifically designed for Kindergarten to Grade 2 students.  As with other LEGO Education products it follows the 4 C's process - Connect to a story, Construct a model, Contemplate its function, and Continue improving its design.  Parent Support is Greatly Appreciated.

AKCIS Jr. Club - Frontier's Eagle River and Anchorage Office

Participants will explore their interests and plan courses to take in secondary school and college using an online program with college/career planning activities.  Parents can explore our curriculum materials at following website:

http://acpe.alaska .gov/PLANNING/Education_Planning/K-8_Programs/AKCIS_Jr

Frontier's Fly Tying Club - Eagle River and Anchorage Office


Learn the basic skills needed to tie flies for local lake and stream fishing.  Students will be able to apply skills learned to tie a variety of patterns that catch species available in our local Anchorage lakes.

 3D Printer & Code Club - Fontier's Eagle River and Anchorage Office

Join this club to learn how to create 3D models using our 3D printer to bring one's creations to life.  This club is also designed to demystify "code", to show that anybody can learn the basics.

 Alaska Hunter Education Club - Frontiers Eagle River and Anchorage Office

This club is a study group for the home school student using the Official Alaska Online Hunter Safety education course at hhtps://

Lego Club - Frontier's Eagle River and Anchorage Office

Join us for an hour of creativity and exploration for your elementary students and their homeschooling friends.  This will give your children a great opportunity to engage each other in a fun, safe and challenging environment.  Our Lego collection inclubes basic and complex pieces, making it perfect for children of all interest and abilities.

The APP Seminar for Parents - Eagle River and Anchorage Office

The iPad (iPhone) app social allows homeschooling parents to gather together and explore the ability of their iPad (iPhone) to be used as a teaching tool with their students.  During the hour and a half that we meet, we will explore apps across various core content areas, as well as ones  that can be used for time management and explorative fun.  Parents are encouraged to come with apps that they have tried with the group.